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SALTOFTEHUS & the Møller Institute collaboration

13. maj 2019

This week, Møller Institute at Churchill college in the university of Cambridge, visited Birgitte Boserup at Saltoftehus to introduce the new leadership education being offered at Saltoftehus in the future in collaboration with Møller Institute at Churchill college in the university of Cambridge

Kalundborg is going to be the city of education – several new opportunities have been started up, and in this connection the time is perfect to initiate a collaboration between Saltoftehus and Møller Institute at Churchill college in the university of Cambridge in respect of a leadership education.

Birgitte Boserup introduced her idea, and the future collaboration between Saltoftehus and Møller Institute at Churchill college in the university of Cambridge regarding the leadership education to a large number of leading business managers from Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, NNE, Equinor, BDO, Danfoss Fonden, Siemens, Oracle, Cado, Horesta, The English Chamber of Commerce and Embassy, Ørsted, Mærsk, Kalundborg Forsyning and Kalundborg Erhvervsråd in a workshop held at Saltoftehus.

Birgitte Boserup: “I went to see the DUCC in London, who recommended a visit to the Møller Institute, being built on the same values as Saltoftehus. We had a meeting and instantly got on very well. I invited the Møller Institute as I would very much appreciate to add some kind of education to my conference concept at Saltoftehus”

Perfect timing:
The timing is perfect as the attention to Kalundborg as a city of education is high. We have several large industrial companies here and it would be of great benefit to be able to offer an international leadership education in this area. We also had a very successful meeting with Absalon yesterday and would like to link our initiative to the remaining Kalundborg area, which would be of great benefit to everybody – and this is just what the A.P. Møller spirit is all about.

An ever changing world:
The concept of this new leadership education is related to the ever changing world. It is about communication, and how to improve a collaboration between generations using the resources of each party.

We are living in a constantly changing world. Everything goes faster – and we have to deal with several issues every day – also as a manager. A lot of our visiting companies are large international companies, employing managers of all ages. We would like to show how to the resources can be used between the generations. My experience Is my support – the young generation are the natural, digital natives. In this combination you will achieve a safe and fast movement in your activities by sharing your knowledge. That is exactly what they also do at the Møller Institute, and Saltoftehus will be part of that now,” Birgitte Boserup says – and she is looking so much forward to get started.

"1000 tak for at skabe nogle virkelig gode rammer for os. Følelsen af at føle sig forkælet og kræset om, var i høj grad til stede grundet den store opmærksomhed fra alles side, den virkelig lækre og varierende mad. Vi havde under spisningerne en følelse af at være hjemme hos nogle privat, og det gav en frihed og åbenhed blandt deltagerne, som jeg tænker er særlig."  

Briddi Escherich, Finansforbundet